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British food shopping for British Expats. British Corner Shop is the online British supermarket with worldwide delivery.

British Corner Shop is the online supermarket for British expats worldwide. Their website offers over 10,000 British grocery products from adored UK brands, ready to be shipped to you, wherever you are in the world. From Ambrosia custard to Warburtons crumpets, we can deliver the products you miss the most, straight to your door.

British Corner Shop - British Food delivered worldwide
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Food & Drinks

Vegin Out - Vegan Meals

Vegin Out - Vegan Meals

Vegin' Out, is a vegan meal delivery service offering delicious organic healthy plant-based vegan meals Nationwide at an affordable price. The healthy and delicious vegan meals are freshly prepared and cooked and delivered to customers' homes or offices nationwide clients.

Each Vegin' Out vegan dish is low fat (sometimes oil-free), cholesterol free, trans-fat free, dairy free, cruelty free, preservatives free, prepared with organic produce. All dishes are fully cooked. All you have to do is to heat up the delicious vegan dishes and enjoy!

Vegin Out take the guess work out of preparing and cooking vegan food. They will also accommodate as much as they are able to your special dietary request such as gluten free, soy free, nut free and other types of allergy free. All of the vegan dishes come with nutritional information.

TEADAW<br>Fresher & Artisan Tea

Fresher & Artisan Tea

Teadaw offers exclusive highest grade organic single-origin teas without added flavors, additives or chemicals. Their teas are grown in Yunnan and Sichuan plateaus, Wuyi mountain area and other unique tea locations in China. Teadaw ship teas directly from their origin to your doorstep, minimizing distribution channels, steps and storage time and maximizing freshness and flavor.

The Drink Shop is the UK's leading online drink shop.

The Drink Shop
UK's leading online drink shop.

The Drink Shop have dedicated themselves in providing an ever-evolving, specialist e-commerce and definitive drinks portal, offering the largest choice of wines, beers, spirits and gifts and associated products from any on-line UK supplier.

Their services continue to be utilised by tens of thousands of consumers, on/off trade accounts and corporate clients.
Their wholesale list is a saviour for thousands of trade customers be they bars, restaurants or hotels throughout the UK.

They have over 6000 drinks to choose from, including the brand leaders, and they stock many exclusive products not available elsewhere on-line, or on the High Street.

JK Tea - The Chinese Tea Shop

JK TEA Chinese Tea Shop

JK Tea Co. Ltd is established by a group of tea enthusiasts & experts in Guangzhou, China, with the aim to share fine & rare Chinese tea to international tea lovers. All the teas are sourced by JK expert team via their various tea trips and guarantee the high quality.

JK's teas are directly purchased from tea farmers or small tea workshops. Fine tea is not easy to be sourced, even in China. So JK Tea team has been travelling to all fine tea-producing areas to source the rare teas directly from tea farmers or small tea workshops. They have established good & long-term cooperation with tea farmers; they cherish their work, respect their craftsmanship and conduct fair trade with them.