MyProtein Diet & Weight Lose Products

Just because you want to lose fat, doesn't mean you have to cut flavour and variety from your diet too.

With these tips and supplements, MyProtein help you get results in a way that you'll actually enjoy.


MyProtein Diet & Weight lose Products
  • MyProtein Diet & Weight Lose Products
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MyProtein Diet My Bar Zero

Diet My Bar Zero

With 90% less carbs than a standard protein bar*, our delicious snack is diet-perfect – packed with 20g high-quality protein to give you the hit you need, without the unwanted carbs and sugar.

MyProtein Diet Thermopure

Diet Thermopure

Thermopure is aimed at any male or female athlete, bodybuilder or sports enthusiast who is looking for a blend of key nutrients and minerals in an easy-to-consume capsule.

MyProtein Impact Diet Whey

Impact Diet Whey

When setting off on your weight-loss journey, it’s important to keep track of nutritionals to make sure you’re giving your body what it needs, while achieving that all-important calorie deficit.

So, we’ve created a delicious shake packed with 35g of protein per serving to achieve your fitness goals. It’s super convenient, and cuts out many unnecessary carbs and fats.

MyProtein Diet and Weight Lose Bundle

Diet and Weight Lose Bundle

MyProtein's all-in-one bundle is here to make getting in shape simple - and at an amazing price. It's packed with all the essentials you need to set you off on your journey to cutting down and toning-up:

  • Impact Diet Whey (1kg)
  • ZMA (90 capsules)
  • My Bar Zero (12 x 65g)
  • Fat Binder Capsules (30 Tablets)
  • Daily Vitamins (120 tablets)
  • Mixmaster Shaker

a1 Supplements diet lipodrene

a1 Supplements Weight Loss

Lipodrene Ephedra Free is Hi-Tech's original weight loss and energy enhancement supplement and has become the benchmark standard for the weight loss industry. It's everywhere. Anyone who has shopped around for a good weight loss product has seen the yellow hexagon Lipodrene tablets in tens of thousands of health food stores and internet web sites. Lipodrene Ephedra Free not only remains Hi-Tech's flagship fat-burner, but is the Gold Standard in the weight loss industry for one simple reason...It Works! When it comes to weight loss ingredients, Lipodrene has them all!

Canada Well

Canada Well

Innovation in the Canada market. Since 2009 'Canada Well' have been delivering quality products to the marketplace.

Health Canada licensed products made under strict manufacturing quality control.
* PaleoSlim HC Supplement
* Garcinia Cambogia
* Raspberry Ketone Lean
* HC6 Diet Drops