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ZTE - The Chinese smartphone giant has arrived. ZTE has made a name for itself within a few years.

Already 2013 appeared with the ZTE Open - which still under the operating system Firefox OS ran - the first Smartphone of ZTE. According to Counterpoint Research, the company ZTE is ranked 7th in Europe in the manufacturer ranking of mobile phones. Above all, the manufacturer ZTE wants to score points with a good price-performance ratio.

Axon + Blade are ZTE's most popular smartphone series.
With the model series Axon and Blade ZTE offers a selection that addresses several target groups.

The smartphones of the Axon series are ZTE's premium brand. ZTE relies on design, a high sound quality and technology that should compete with other premium brands. For example, ZTE uses the Dolby Atmos technique for above-average sound.
ZTE developed the aluminum housing together with the BMW subsidiary Designworks. It should be particularly flat and light.

The Blade series stands for upper middle class. Here ZTE relies on German-Chinese cooperation:
The aluminum housings of the Blade V7 and Blade V7 Lite were developed by ZTE Designcenter in Munich. The smartphones of the Blade series are intended to appeal to customers as popular all-rounders with above-average cameras, processors and sufficient storage space.
According to ZTE, the Blade V7 has a "lightning fast" camera focus and the Blade V7 Lite has a fingerprint sensor on the back.

Other Blade smartphones are the Blade V8 Pro with a dual camera and the low-priced Blade A512.

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ZTE Smartphones
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ZTE Smartphones

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